Painted Pet Plaques

These plaques are extremely popular as gift ideas and as pet memorial pieces. They are painted using acrylic paints and are available either rectangular, circle, or heart shaped.

Mini (100mm)

£20 -Plain Background
£22 -Full Background

 This size is available in heart or circle only, there is no room for a name to be added. 

Medium (150mm)

£32 - Plain Background 
£35 - Full Background

Available in rectangle, circle or heart. Names can be added at no extra cost.

Large (200mm)

£40 - Plain Background
£45 - Full Background

Available in rectangle, circle or heart. This size is a great option for multiple pets.

Additional info...

What background to choose?

Plaques with a plain background can be done any colour.

Plaques with a full background can be done with any landscape/scenery requested (beach, hills, trees, flowers) etc. I am able to work from seperate photos of the pet and background and combine them. For example, if your dog has a favourite place to go for a walk, then I can paint that as the background.

To order a plaque please contact me with what shape, size and type of background you like aswell as letting me know of names you would like adding if any. If there is a certain size plaque you would like that is not listed, then custom sizes are available, please just ask !